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Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project

The Africa Yoga Project (AYP) organization creates transformation, empowerment and change through the practice of yoga.  AYP delivers innovative programs that foster peace, improve physical, emotional, and mental well being, facilitate self-sufficiency and create opportunities to learn and contribute across the communities of East Africa.  Shelley Lowther of Dancing Dogs Yoga has been chosen as an AYP Ambassador for 2012 and will be traveling to Kenya in 2012 to support this project firsthand.  Lowther says, “I believe that that path to our highest selves lies in service to others.  I became an Africa Yoga Project Ambassador to put my ideals of service into action.  Through yoga and the arts, I want to work with teens and children in Africa and at home who are at-risk or in need and help them to stand in their personal power. I want to donate my energy and skills to a population in need of hope, and help show them a path of possibility.   As a yoga teacher, I know that through the prism of possibility, all things are possible. I have learned so much about myself and I am finding that every day, I am more capable of compassion.  As my compassion grows and deepens, my sense of community deepens.  I am finding community on a local, and even global level, and that sense of community is evolving into a larger a sense of humanity.  I want to work from a place of unity, of humanity, and leave the you and me behind.”  Lead the change.  DONATE HERE



Chain Free Beaufort

Chain Free BeaufortChain Free Beaufort is dedicated to stopping the inhumane and cruel practice of chaining dogs to stationary objects for their entire lives. Imagine being chained to a tree year after year. You watch the door hoping someone will come play; No one ever does. You long to run, but you can only pace. You shiver in winter and pant in summer. Eventually, you stop barking. You have given up hope. Our goal is also to educate those who chain their dogs about the dangerous consequences that often result in a chaining situation.  We also strive to help rescue dogs who are chained,  tethered or confined to stationary objects for long periods of time.



yoga instructors

I am a personal trainer and nutritionist and have practiced yoga for the last ten years. As an Army wife, I have lived in many different places, from large cities to small towns, and have practiced at I don’t know how many yoga studios! When my husband and I moved to Richmond Hill, GA, I was on a quest for a power yoga studio. After days of searching, I kept hearing the names Shelley Lowther and Dancing Dogs Yoga Studios, and decided to investigate further. On a Saturday morning, I drove 1 hour to Dancing Dogs Bluffton and took Shelley’s morning power yoga class, and have been doing so ever since. There is something unique about Shelley, her instructors, and her studios: they possess an aura of integrity and enthusiasm that is hard to find. As an instructor, Shelley radiates positivity & compassion, while pushing her students to be their very best both inside and outside of the yoga studio.

For me, Shelley is an inspiration and with each yoga class and teacher training I attend at Dancing Dog Yoga Studios, my understanding and passion for life, spirituality, and physical health deepen. Thank you, Shelley!
– Leslie Ann Berg